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  • Stephen Gaddis

Presidential Marriage

Maintaining the narrative perspective that problems have to do with people's relationships with stories is not always easy. I am finding it particularly challenging with the new Trump administration. I find myself pulled to storying these people as evil, bad, and sick. I have to work to stay away from those ways of understanding.

My preference for not turning people into problems doesn’t mean the stories they are performing are one’s I support. In fact, the stories often outrage me and are ones I will do everything I can to stand against. Among other actions, I want to be in the world where whomever I come into contact with I meet with curiosity. I want to meet them with the kind of curiosity that is simultaneously respectful and subversive.

Last fall, I needed to find some way to sustain my preferred ways of being. To that end, I invented an imagined series of conversations with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I imagined them coming to me as a married couple. They were both concerned about their “child,” America. Click here to read the transcript I constructed.

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