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Stephen Gaddis, Ph.D., LMFT

NTI Director and Co-Founder

Steve has studied, practiced, and taught narrative therapy since 1994. He earned his International Postgraduate Diploma in narrative therapy at the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide, Australia, where he studied with Michael White. Steve also spent a year teaching narrative therapy in the graduate school of counseling at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. He has published and presented on narrative therapy nationally and internationally. Currently, Steve has a full-time narrative therapy and supervision practice in Salem, Mass., and he teaches narrative therapy at William James College and Boston College Graduate School of Social Work as well as independently through NTI. Steve received his doctorate in marriage and family therapy from Syracuse University. Contact Steve at

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Amy Druker, MSW

Narrative ideas came to Amy when she was seeking a way of working that did not insist on the de-politicizing of people’s suffering. She was particularly drawn to the idea of shining a light on the narratives that had been rendered invisible by dominant or "official" narratives told (and often circulated) about the people she worked alongside by people in positions of authority. Amy was very concerned about the harms caused by the ways the people she worked alongside were being storied in ways that left out so much about who they were and what they stood for and resisted. Amy’s practice (and life) are guided by a commitment to social justice and to the questioning of taken-for-granted ways of thinking about things (including the "doing" of therapy, and the imposition of expert knowledge). Amy had the good fortune of working in a public narrative youth mental health agency for over seven years, where she learned and unlearned many of the practices she had learned in school. Amy currently works with individuals and couples in her independent practice, and offers clinical "supervision" and consultation at a harm reduction agency in downtown Toronto and other not-for-profit public agencies who work with marginalized communities. Amy has taught on various narrative therapy topics for the Narrative Therapy Centre of Toronto, University of Toronto, and University of Guelph. To connect with Amy, or for more information about her approach to therapy and/or clinical "supervision" (co/learning), please email her at or visit her website: www.amydruker.

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Ncazelo Ncube-Mlilo

Ncazelo Ncube-Mlilo is the pioneer and co-developer of the Tree of Life Counselling Methodology. She is a psychologist, narrative therapist, and psychosocial specialist with over 15 years’ experience working in the area of mental health and psychosocial wellbeing. She specializes in designing programs and interventions for various vulnerable groups and communities. Her work has largely focused on supporting children, women, and communities affected by HIV and AIDS, poverty, and conflict in East and Southern Africa. Ncazelo has travelled extensively in Africa, Europe, and Australia, providing training in responding to hardships and trauma and sharing her experiences with mental health practitioners. Over the years, Ncazelo’s work has focused on developing culturally sensitive therapies to respond to the hardships and trauma experienced by children, women, and communities. Learn more about Ncazelo at

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Suzanne Gazzolo, Ph.D., LCPC

Suzanne has been a practicing licensed clinical counselor for over 20 years. Her early training and dissertation were rooted in relational and feminist ideas. Inspired by hearing Michael White speak about the social justice orientation of Narrative Therapy, Suzanne immersed herself in learning more about post-structural and narrative ideas at the Evanston Family Therapy Center in Evanston, Ill.. There she linked with a group of practitioners that continue to collaborate to this day. Matt Mooney has been part of this group and through him, Suzanne was introduced to the exciting work of the Narrative Therapy Initiative and Steve Gaddis. Suzanne works with individuals and families in her independent counseling practice and also enjoys consulting, mentoring, supervision and presenting on topics related to narrative practice. She is on the faculty of Evanston Family Therapy Center and NTI. Suzanne can be reached at (847) 280-0564 or


Matt Mooney, M.S.W., LICSW

Matt is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) with nearly 15 years of experience working as a narrative therapist to young people and their families in Boston, Mass. He has worked as a family therapist, clinical supervisor, and consultant for community-based, in-home therapy agencies in Boston and has additional experience maintaining a full-time private therapy practice. Currently, Matt lives in Connecticut and is a high school social worker in Hartford. Matt enjoys speaking about narrative ideas in any context and has been a frequent guest lecturer at Boston graduate schools of social work and/or counseling. He can be reached at (978) 219-9819 or


Guadalupe Morelos, M.S.W., LICSW

Guadalupe is a clinical social worker at the Adult Behavioral Health Clinic in Boston Medical Center’s Department of Psychiatry. She is also a collaborating faculty at BU Champs, an interdisciplinary team effort of dietician, nutritionist, physician and social work faculty and students. She is a licensed independent clinical social worker with extensive experience working in community-based agencies, youth centers, and health centers in the Boston area. Her psychotherapy and teaching practices emphasize attitudes of humility, collaboration, and curiosity. She encourages each person to notice her/his skills of survival, resistance, and protest to poverty, racism, and other social injustices. Guadalupe attended the University of Baja California in Mexico and obtained a psychologist degree. She also attended Boston College, where she earned her MSW.  She has attended multiple national and international courses and conferences on narrative therapy, and is a graduate of NTI's first Narrative Certificate Program in 2018. She is the Chair of Diversity and Inclusion for NTI and a faculty member beginning in October 2020.  Guadalupe leads a narrative consultation group for Spanish-speaking social workers. She can be reached at


Sarah Beth Hughes, B.S.W., MSc

I live and work in a small hippy town nestled in the mountains of British Columbia. My loving relationship with Narrative Therapy began over 25 years ago, as I worked and travelled with Michael White as the bookseller for Dulwich Centre Publications. I may be wrong on this, but I like to think I have attended more Michael White trainings than anyone else in the world. Well, at least in North America. I have offered workshops on narrative practices in Canada and am part of the board and faculty of Re-Authoring Teaching. I am currently writing a book tentatively called Tender Therapy. It is part memoir, part therapy ideas, and part writing prompts. I am also working with Stephen Gaddis on his book, and we really enjoy and treasure our creative ways of collaborating.

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