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NTI Folx Tales: Co-creating Preferred Stances on White Supremacy and Toxicity

Dates & Times: February 26 & 27, 11:30am to 4:30pm
Location: Online via Zoom

Maximum participants: 120

Instructors: Elvin June Cardona & Cecilia Catarina Jokisch Douglas with love, support, and contributions from Suzanne Gazzolo, Claire Burke, marcela polanco, Stephen Gaddis

Tuition: $225 - For this event, we have decided to adopt a “consensual payment” approach. Please see registration page for more details. 

During this year’s Annual Folx Tales Workshop (formerly known as NTI's "Annual Fall Workshop"), we want to explore how narrative ideas and practices can help story racial injustice and generate liberating practices, initiatives, and lifestyles. We wonder what might become possible if, together, we spent two days actively externalizing, deconstructing, and reauthoring our relationships with the problem of White Supremacy and Toxicity. 

We believe that everyone has a relationship with White Supremacy and Toxicity, made up of stories that we each have learned and events that have happened in our lives. Some people have lived experiences that have forced them closer to knowing those stories, while for others those stories remain unknown. Still, we believe everyone has knowledge that, when centered, can help develop a rich understanding of what White Supremacy and Toxicity is and what it is here to do. 

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Narrative Certificate Program (2020–21) - SOLD OUT!

Dates: September 2020 through May 2021
Location: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this training is scheduled to be fully online.

Maximum participants: 18

Instructors: Stephen Gaddis, PhD; Suzanne Gazzolo, PhD; Guadalupe Morelos, LICSW; and Matt Mooney, LICSW

Tuition: $3,650; 10% discount if paid in full upon registration; payment plans are available

​This year-long Narrative Certificate Program is for people interested in developing a rigorous personal understanding of the Narrative Worldview and its social justice ethics and practices. The goal of this course is to help participants establish a solid foundation for their professional identity and preferred ways of helping. Drawing from participants' personal and professional lived experiences, the course emphasizes an experiential-learning philosophy and community-building orientation. There is an expectation that participants will have had some formal introduction to the Narrative Worldview prior to the course. NTI's one-day "What Is Narrative Therapy?" and two-day "Narrative Therapy in Practice" trainings, or their equivalent, is required for registration. 

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