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Registration is open for the following narrative trainings and programs.​ CEUs are available.

The Success of 'Failure'

Dates & Times: Friday, July 23, 2021; 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern

Location: Online via Zoom

Instructor: Stephen Gaddis, PhD, LMFT

Tuition: $100 ($90 for NTI members and $75 for students/seniors)

It seems that everyone I know personally and professionally, including myself, has a relationship with a story that they are not a good enough person.  The “Not Good Enough” epidemic not only successfully effects many of the people we meet in our work it also seems to be quite good at infecting our understanding of ourselves as helpers.  This workshop is designed to help us examine and deconstruct our relationships with those stories that successfully get us to relate to ourselves as failures.  We will expose the tactics that failure stories use to sustain their power.  In addition we will have a chance to connect with stories that we prefer to have relationships with instead.  My hope is that through understanding how we can change our own relationships with failure stories we will develop new ideas for how we might help our clients with those stories as well.

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What is 'Narrative Therapy'?

Dates & Times: Saturday, August 28th, 2021; 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern

Location: Online via Zoom

Instructor: Stephen Gaddis, PhD, LMFT

Tuition: $125 ($75 for students/seniors)

n this workshop, the basic assumptions and ideas that distinguish the Narrative Worldview from the culturally dominant Normative Worldview will be introduced. The exciting effectiveness of working from a narrative perspective will be illustrated in real examples from clinical work. The intention of this workshop is to offer participants an initial taste of narrative therapy and its implication for ourselves as people committed to helping people who are experiencing hardships and trauma. 

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Dates & Times: Every Tuesday May 4th - June 8th from 7:00pm - 9pm; and Saturday June 19th from noon to 4:00pm, EST

Location: Online via Zoom

Maximum participants: 12

Instructor: Sarah Beth Hughes and Stephen Gaddis

Tuition: $622 - a 10% discount is available if paid in full upon registration ($560). 2 spaces are available for full scholarships. 

We are excited to invite 12 people to join us for a writing program that has been shaped by our passion for narrative ideas, practices, and ethics.  Michael White believed that writing can help a person “experience one’s life as progressing.”  Both of us have experienced that personally.  We’ve also found that unlike anything else writing has helped us know what it can mean to become the primary author of our own lives.  We love that writing can be profoundly meaningful and healing, and simultaneously playful and creative.  Some of the spirit we intend to bring to this narrative writing program includes tenderness, attunement, intimacy, encouragement, enthusiasm, possibility, irreverence, discovery, and spontaneity.  

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Narrative Certificate Program (2021–2022)  - SOLD OUT!

Dates: October 2021 through May 2022
Location: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this training is scheduled to be fully online.

Maximum participants: 18

Instructors: Stephen Gaddis, PhD; Suzanne Gazzolo, PhD; Guadalupe Morelos, LICSW; and Matt Mooney, LICSW

Tuition: $3,650; 10% discount if paid in full upon registration; payment plans are available

​This year-long Narrative Certificate Program is for people interested in developing a rigorous personal understanding of the Narrative Worldview and its social justice ethics and practices. The goal of this course is to help participants establish a solid foundation for their professional identity and preferred ways of helping. Drawing from participants' personal and professional lived experiences, the course emphasizes an experiential-learning philosophy and community-building orientation. There is an expectation that participants will have had some formal introduction to the Narrative Worldview prior to the course. NTI's one-day "What Is Narrative Therapy?" and two-day "Narrative Therapy in Practice" trainings, or their equivalent, is required for registration. (See above for upcoming dates and times for these two trainings.)

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