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NTI Ambassadors

Our NTI Ambassadors are precious members of our community who have, over the years, demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the narrative worldview. and who have helped us grow our community of individuals dedicated to making the helping practices more socially just, collaborative, and accountable. We'd like to recognize their commitment and invaluable contributions to NTI and the narrative worldview here.

Scroll down to meet some of our ambassadors. More profiles are on the way! To learn more about our Ambassador program, contact us.

Sabrina Askari-Dougherty

Sabrina Askari-Dougherty, LMFT, is an enhanced care coordinator for a behavioral health insurance company. She earned her master’s degree in Family Therapy from the University of Massachusetts–Boston. Sabrina is passionate about bringing narrative therapy and social-justice based practices into her work. She is also interested in how systems interact and influence one another and how people can position themselves in relation to these systems in ways that feel congruent with their values and beliefs.

Greg Portrait.jpeg

Greg Bodine

Greg is a licensed clinical social worker and certified narrative therapist currently practicing at Boston Medical Center. Greg is committed to acknowledging the operations of power within relationships, to standing against the influences of violence and abuse, and to building a world guided by the principles of curiosity, responsibility, and care. Greg believes all people matter equally and deserve to be related to with dignity and respect. He is deeply grateful for the narrative worldview, which supports his dreams for people to be the primary meaning-makers of their lives.

Honora Einhorn

Honora is a skilled mental health clinician and social justice advocate knowledgeable in the fields of clinical psychology, child development, and social work, who is driven to promote the psychological well-being and health of at-risk youth. Years of academic training and field experience with disenfranchised children living in marginalized communities, both nationally and internationally, continue to motivate Honora to work collaboratively with community members and agencies to provide empirically based and socially grounded mental health interventions and prevention programs.

Benjamin Raker Ehrenfeld

Benjamin Raker Ehrenfeld is a licensed social worker currently living with his partner in life (Celia) in Austin, TX. Ben received a bachelor’s in music therapy, master’s in Jewish studies, and master’s in social work. Ben is an alumnus of the NTI Narrative Certificate Program. Ben’s passion is for the potential in narrative to support people in “arriving at what is possible to know” (to quote Michael White) in their lives, and bringing narrative ethics to bear in all spheres of his life.

Michelle Maddex

Michelle is originally from Colorado, found NTI while studying in Boston, and now lives in San Francisco, CA. She is passionate about using the narrative worldview to bring social justice into her clinical work with resilient immigrant youth who are fleeing violence and often met with large obstacles and continued oppression in the United States. NTI has become an amazing community (family really) to support her desire to deepen her narrative practice and stand against oppressive discourse.


Lauren Petrilli

Lauren is a licensed social worker with the privilege of meeting children, adolescents, and adults where they are at, as the experts of their own lives. She is passionate about helping people feel seen and heard in the ways they prefer, creating space for people to experience choice and possibility, and finding ways to grow hope. She is grateful for the ways in which narrative therapy has taught and guided her towards more preferable ways of being and relating to herself, others, the world.

Amanda Sidman

Amanda was introduced to the world of narrative therapy during graduate school. Since then, she has participated in the first NTI Narrative Certificate Program, and has been involved in both instructor-led and peer narrative supervision groups. She prefers to see her therapy work as a labyrinth where people’s hopes and dreams can be explored through rich conversation and narrative-informed questions. In addition to being a social worker, Amanda is an outdoor enthusiast, enjoying cycling, hiking, camping, rock climbing, and gardening.


T. Lee Shostack

T. Lee primarily works with approaches to human development and social change that relate to people of all ages and life circumstances as social performers and creators of their lives, primarily through the use of group-oriented, development-focused psychotherapy. She is a registered HAES (Health At Every Size) practitioner, an ambassador of the Narrative Worldview, and a social justice clinician with an anti-racist lens. She passionately believes that we exist to become our best selves, and it is her job and mission to help create that awesomeness in life and in community.

Susan Tohn

Susan Lee Tohn, MSW, LICSW, is co-director of Solutions in Behavioral Healthcare. She has worked with couples, adolescents, and families using the solution-focused model, integrating CBT, narrative therapy, and hypnosis. Susan is an associate professor of clinical practice at Boston College School of Social Work. She is co-author of “Crossing the Bridge: Integrating Solution-Focused Therapy into Clinical Practice” and “Solution-Focused Therapy with Mandated Clients: Cooperating with the Uncooperative,” in S. Miller, M. Hubble, & B. Duncan (Eds.), Handbook of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

Tracy Starr

Tracy Starr is an LMFT committed to social justice for all beings. Tracy identifies as someone that experienced childhood violence and Tracy works to understand healing on all levels that needs to happen as a result of the violence she herself has endured and her own healing journey she has been on. Tracy is the proud mother of a biracial daughter that has shifted her understanding of the privileges she holds as a visibly white woman and she is committed to her anti-racist journey. Tracy is most grateful to be alive and free to choose her relationship to herself, to those she chooses to keep close, and the ability to discern the individuals that are a vibrational match for her and her life’s purpose. Tracy is proud to call the Narrative community and the people in it Home.

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