Dear NTI Family, 

Steve Gaddis, founder and NTI visionary, passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his loving family on the afternoon of Thursday, January 6th from lung cancer. Steve's beloved wife Ashley said he died on his own terms, enveloped in his family's love and gratitude.  


Many of you may have already learned the news of Steve's passing but we did not want to make the assumption that you did. Here is a link to Caring Bridge (you will have to register) where you can read posts from Ashley, listen or add to a Spotify Playlist created for Steve, read well wishes and also send a message to the family if you believe that is right for you.  


An obituary was posted which for us is another most extraordinary and beautiful testimony to Steve's life. The obituary shares plans for visiting hours next Saturday, January 15th.  NTI will also be thinking about a way for the community to come together and will send more information about that soon.  


We welcome you being in touch with us at any time at narrativetherapyinitiative@gmail.com.  


In gratitude and sadness,

The NTI team

Welcome to the Narrative Therapy Initiative

The Narrative Therapy Initiative is aligned with the principle that meaning-making through stories shapes lives, relationships, and communities. Our mission supports this Narrative Worldview and associated considerations of power in all relational and helping contexts.


(online via Zoom)

What is Narrative Therapy?Wednesday, January 11th

10am to 5pm EST

with Amy Druker, MSW

Narrative Therapy in Practice?

Friday and Saturday, February 3rd & 4th

10am to 5pm EST

with Suzanne Gazzolo, PhD, LCPC, and Matt Mooney, LICSW




Narrative Therapy is based on the worldview that relationships with stories constitute our experiences in life, including experiences of problems. From this perspective, considerations of power and meaning-making must be included in the ways problems are understood and help is offered.






The NTI training program includes a variety of courses that people can take individually or as part of a certificate program. Each course helps grow participants’ understandings of the Narrative Worldview and its implications in various helping contexts.