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NTI Folx Tales: A Celebration of the Narrative Worldview


April 25 & 26, 2024; 9am to 5pm ET at the NonProfit Center, Boston MA 

Folx Tales will be a two-day immersion into narrative therapy and community work where attendees will get to live the rich experience of being in narrative conversations while simultaneously developing their narrative skills and preferred ways of bringing the narrative worldview to their lives. 


With this event, NTI is re-imagining what a “professional” conference can be. This gathering is purposefully not shaped by the normative assumption that outsider, “expert” knowledge is inherently more valuable than the diverse local knowledges found right here in our community. Instead, we’re organizing this conference around a key narrative belief: that every community has vast, rich, valuable knowledges that are deeply precious and worthy of sharing. All we need to do is bring our genuine curiosity and willingness to be moved to new, unpredictable places.

At Folx Tales, attendees will hear from diverse members of our narrative community—therapists, activists, poets, artists, organizers—sharing impactful stories of their lives and work. These storytellers aren't traditional presenters, but rather individuals we deeply admire for their inspiring ways of navigating life with narrative principles. Their stories offer rich reflections for contemplating our own work, hopes, and achievements.

Welcome to the Narrative Therapy Initiative

The Narrative Therapy Initiative is aligned with the principle that meaning-making through stories shapes lives, relationships, and communities. Our mission supports this Narrative Worldview and associated considerations of power in all relational and helping contexts.


COURRAGE: A Narrative Approach to Responding to People Who Have Suffered Severe Hardships & Trauma

Tuesday & Wednesday
April 23 & 24, 2024

with Ncazelo Ncube-Mlilo

This is a hybrid event, online via Zoom and in-person in Boston.

What is Narrative Therapy?

Friday May 3, 2024

with Amy Druker, MSW

Online via Zoom



Narrative Therapy is based on the worldview that relationships with stories constitute our experiences in life, including experiences of problems. From this perspective, considerations of power and meaning-making must be included in the ways problems are understood and help is offered.





The NTI training program includes a variety of courses that people can take individually or as part of a certificate program. Each course helps grow participants’ understandings of the Narrative Worldview and its implications in various helping contexts. 

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