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There are many places for “academic” writings to be submitted for publication. Acceptance of these writings requires editors and reviewers who establish certain criteria for what ultimately gets published. This process can help create wonderfully rich articles.


We at NTI have decided to do something different. We welcome any submission and we will archive any “paper”
—no matter how short or long—that has to do with narrative therapy theory, ethics, and/or practice. The only criteria we have is that the paper not be disrespectful, which we reserve the right to subjectively determine. If we can find the time, we will try to offer our feedback on what we experience as disrespectful in case the author might want to consider re-submitting. We respect any author’s right to accept or reject our suggestions. We trust readers will be able to determine for themselves what they want to read and what they do not wish to read. If you wish to have something you have written included on this page, please contact Stephen Gaddis at





We want to support people who are working from a narrative perspective and thus are creating a list of people who identify themselves as working from a narrative worldview. The NTI is not a therapy center and has no formal relationship with therapists. Many of our teachers do have their own independent practices, however. We have asked each person who has identified themselves as a narrative therapist to please include a one paragraph description they would like to include about themselves and/or their practice. If you wish to be included on this page in the future, please email us.

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