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Interest Groups


One of the primary intentions we hold at NTI is to help people with whatever initiatives they wish to take in the pursuit of social justice. We take the position that most problems that contribute to people’s suffering can be linked to social injustice, and we believe that addressing injustice requires a community response.


Thus, we encourage anyone who cares about growing a community response to a social injustice to consider NTI a vehicle for their initiative. Let us know what you are caring about, and we will do our best to provide support for some initiative in that area. For example, we have identified Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Sexual Abuse of Women, Transgender Discrimination, and Men’s Violence as problems of social justice that we have worked to take stands against. If you are interested in helping to build initiatives in these or other areas, please let us know and we will try to build bridges between interested people. To discuss your particular interests, please email Stephen Gaddis.

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